Why Get Certified?

Medical Coder Certification


While certification is not mandated by law in the medical coding field, there is a growing trend toward requiring it and earning a medical coding certification offers a number of benefits.

Proven Professional Skills

Landing your first job in a new career is always daunting, no matter your field because employers have no guarantee that you have the professional skills they’re looking for. Earning a medical coding certification after you finish your training (learn how to choose the best training program) helps you prove a certain skill level to employers. They no longer have to wonder if you’ll be able to perform at the necessary level, thus increasing your chances of getting hired. Train for Medical Coding and Billing

Increased Job Prospects

More and more employers are requiring certification. In the inpatient coding specialty particularly almost all employers require certification of some kind, and even in the outpatient space certification requirements are becoming more common. This move toward certification has made earning a medical coding certification right after you finish your training a great way to increase the number of jobs you can apply for and your chances of succeeding in the job market.

Higher Earning Potential

Many employers incentivize their employees to earn certifications through higher salaries. The more certifications you hold and the more specialized and advanced your certifications are, the more you are likely to earn.

Greater Opportunity for Advancement

While certification requirements are slowly becoming more common for entry-level positions, certification is almost always required for more advanced positions. If you’re interested in advancing within the coding department, advanced certifications will be necessary.

Earning a medical coding certification is an important step in a successful medical coding career. It is best to choose medical coding training that prepares you to take a certification exam immediately upon graduation (learn more about choosing the best medical coding training).

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